How Automated Redaction Can Enhance Your Business

By Alisa Fetic

In today's fast-paced, highly competitive landscape, successful business strategies are those that are efficient by nature. Automated document redaction software is just one tool organizations can use to make the cut, and offer numerous benefits over the conventional way of doing things. This article will explain the importance of redaction in detail, the challenges usually associated with the process, and how digital tools can solve them.


The Undeniable Need for Redaction

The use of personally-identifiable information in public systems is highly restricted by courts in most countries. In an effort to protect individuals' privacy, laws require organizations to diligently review their documents for sensitive data and remove or appropriately replace that information prior to publication. This process of obscuring confidential or sensitive information from documents is called redaction.


Redaction is an increasingly critical step in the preparation of documents and records for publication, storage, or sharing. Redaction helps organizations comply with laws, regulations, data privacy standards, and/or ethical guidelines. It is also essential for protecting confidential information from unauthorized access or accidental disclosure.

Common Challenges and Barriers of Manual Redaction

Redacting data from documents is a complex task that requires considerable time and effort. If done manually, redaction is often hindered by resource constraints, the sheer amount of content that needs to be redacted, and the risk of inadvertently missing critical data points that need to be redacted.


Manual redaction is also prone to human error and can result in inconsistencies in redaction across documents. Factors like fatigue, inexperience, and lack of attention to detail all contribute to the possibility of missing or incorrectly redacting important information.


Organizations must also consider the time and cost associated with manual redaction, which can be significant. This includes staffing costs, the cost of maintaining redacted documents for storage or sharing, and other associated costs. In many cases, the systems businesses put in place to handle their redactions aren't scalable or efficient enough to keep up with the demand.


Why and How Automated Document Redaction Tools are the Answer

Automated document redaction tools are the twenty-first century's solution to the challenge of public confidentiality. They provide organizations with a powerful way of scanning and processing their files for redactions in a fraction of the time it would take a human team to do so.


The greatest advantage this creates is efficiency; anyone familiar with Continuous Improvement (CI) knows that businesses must constantly assess and reassess their operations to identify and eliminate 'wastes' that slow them down. Manually parsing through information - a job that could otherwise be done by a machine - is a perfect example of a non-value added task that can be made more effective with the help of automated redaction tools.


Automated redaction tools also offer consistent accuracy, eliminating the potential for human error that is so often associated with manual redaction. This ensures that data privacy and security standards are followed correctly and consistently, which is essential in today's stringent regulatory environment.


Automated document redaction tools offer organizations an invaluable solution to the historic inefficiencies of manual methods. By taking the time to understand and implement these tools now, businesses can save themselves plenty of headaches, hours, and dollars in the future.

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