Accelerate Your Enterprise’s Document Redaction Efforts

Find Out What Auto Redaction Can Do For You Redact finds sensitive information with just one click.

Personal info
Sensitive info
Health info
Financial info
Medical info
Social Security info
Bank account info
Other related info
Taking Document Security To The Next Level
Receive analysis results, delete the source files.
Data encrypted AES256, comply with (FIPS) 140-2
Taking Document Security To The Next Level
No one can access your private data.
Secure connection SSL 2048 bit
Prevent Costly Data Leaks

Modern enterprises are under more scrutiny than ever before. With Redact, you can ensure the privacy and security of sensitive data while mitigating the constant risk of human error.

Make Efficiency a

As your team carries out time-intensive manual redaction processes, there’s a trade-off between security and efficiency. Redact offers the best of both worlds with thorough, automatic redactions.

Reorient Your Team’s

Whether you lead attorneys or healthcare professionals, your workforce’s time is better spent on core competencies than on manual redactions. Redact keeps your priorities in line.

Handle Volume with Ease

With thousands of digital documents to process each year, human errors and process bottlenecks are likely to follow suit. Redact offers frictionless document redaction at scale.

Ready for Enterprise-Level Redaction at Your Fingertips?
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