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Introduce your enterprise to AI automated technology the smart way! Our solutions allow organizations to scan, detect, extract, redact, compare files within document management systems, folders, and multitude of file sources.
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Royal College of Nursing
- Carl Bevan -
“Quick, well designed, and saved our team over 97% of time. Our team was able to meet subject access requests and meet GDPR mandates using the redaction solution.”
How we can help enables organizations to discover sensitive data within their documents, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and mitigating privacy risks.
Compliance Management
Compliance Management:
With, organizations can streamline compliance efforts by automating the identification and redaction of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI).
Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation: helps organizations proactively identify and address potential data vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring data security.
Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency:
By automating the process of data discovery and redaction, saves organizations time and resources, enabling them to focus on core business activities.
Enhanced Data Privacy
Enhanced Data Privacy:'s advanced technology ensures that sensitive information is protected and confidential, enhancing data privacy and building trust with customers and stakeholders.
Streamlined Document Management
Streamlined Document Management: simplifies the organization, categorization, and tagging of documents, making it easier for organizations to manage and retrieve critical information.
Data-driven Insights
Data-driven Insights:
By unlocking structured information from unstructured documents, enables organizations to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and optimize business operations.
Collaboration and Sharing
Collaboration and Sharing: facilitates secure document sharing and collaboration, ensuring that relevant information is easily accessible to authorized personnel, promoting effective teamwork and communication.
Scalability and Flexibility
Scalability and Flexibility:'s solutions are scalable and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of organizations, whether they are small businesses or large enterprises.
Cost Savings
Cost Savings:
By reducing manual labor, improving efficiency, and minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties and data breaches, helps organizations save costs associated with data management and protection.
How We Bring Value
High Accuracy Rate
99 %
Delivering a high accuracy rate to ensure nothing is missed.
Time Saving
95 %
Reducing hours of internal document workflows to minutes instantly.
Cost Saving
95 %
Minimizing costs associated with manual detection and redaction.
Labor Hours Gained Back
90 %
Gaining valuable time to do more important tasks.
Our integrations
Import your documents from services you use every day.
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For nationwide and global teams, our cloud-based solutions keep everyone on the same page, all backed by our SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.
Our Solutions
Import your documents from services you use every day.
Accelerate Your Enterprise’s Document Redaction Efforts
As your team carries out time-intensive manual redaction processes, there’s a trade-off between security and efficiency. Redact offers the best of both worlds with thorough, automatic redactions.
Quick way to find large amounts of document sensitive data for security conscious organizations
Empowering our clients to easily search their sensitive unstructured data for complete privacy compliance. Our technology allows users to quickly and easily discover, redact and eliminate liable sensitive information within your data ecosystem. Allowing users to take control and protect the sensitive information within all files before it's too late!
Stop worrying if the document has changed Just know instantly!
When you need to compare two documents side by side, is the fastest and simplest way to do it. Just upload your PDF or Word documents and see detailed differences in just seconds!
Solutions at the Crossroads of Productivity and Compliance
Document Redaction
Seamlessly redact lengthy documents prior to dissemination.
Identify PII and sensitive information within your databases.
Compare documents to identify changes before finalization.
Put AI to work for contracts, agreements, NDAs, and more.
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