Government Agencies Are Faced With Compliance Hurdles
With so many regulations in place designed to protect individuals’ sensitive information, government agencies struggle to find the right compliance solution.

Court records in the United States are generally considered to be public records, meaning they can be searched for and viewed by most U.S. citizens. Except for documents that are limited or sealed by law or a court order, anybody can use the U.S. court system's online database and view the documents filed in a case.

Some courts have laws requiring people to take out personal information before submitting their documents with the court because the court system does not want the public to view someone's court filings. Information in official and legal papers must also be deleted or "sanitized" by government entities. Redaction is the term for this. Supreme, District, County, City, and Civil courts all have redaction policies in place. In order to comply with privacy rules, all official papers must have information blacked, with the exception of divorce records, traffic law documents, local ordinances, and name changes.

When filing their paperwork, parties must exclude any personal information pertaining to them or others. Confidential personal information, or CPI, is what this data is.

Several distinct types of CPI are required by law to be filtered or at the very least redacted:

  • Social Security, employer, and taxpayer identification numbers.
  • Birthdates.
  • Names of minors under 18 years old.
  • Account numbers used for banking accounts and other types of financial accounts.

Government agencies could significantly benefit from investing in data redaction technology. Luckily,’s REDACT platform makes redaction compliance easy and secure enough for government entities to use efficiently.’s REDACT Technology Is The Right Compliance Solution

REDACT is designed to protect client data and sensitive information automatically using AI technology.

There are so many benefits to using our AI redaction technology. REDACT can provide government agencies with the ability to enhance their security practices while reducing labor costs, saving time, and creating a streamlined redaction process internally.

To put it simply,’s REDACT platform is designed to sanitize documents before they are sent out. This is done by using automation technology to search and identify keywords and numbers that are commonly associated with personally identifiable information or PII. REDACT is highly customizable, so government agencies can easily use our software for compliance purposes unique to government and law.

Just as well, REDACT is an extremely secure software fit for government agencies. Since has achieved ISO 27001 certification, we have followed the International Organization for Standardization's guidelines for the finest information security process practices. The only worldwide standard that can be audited and outlines the specifications for information security management systems suitable for governmental organizations is ISO 27001.

We also regularly invest in SOC 2 accreditation and ongoing internal audits. The SOC 2 certification certifies that the security, availability, process integrity, and confidentiality criteria are met by all processes, procedures, and controls.

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