Accelerate Healthcare Records with AI Redaction Technology
Transform Unstructured Healthcare Documents with Sensitive Data Discovery
HIPAA Privacy Rule for Redaction Guide
Health information management (HIM) professionals are tasked to oversee and protect patient medical information. Often the medical records are dispersed among various departments, lab centers, clinics to help patients get their medical needs met. HIM professionals are faced with locating, manually extracting critical information, and protecting the identity of their patients to meet HIPAA compliance standards.
Challenges that arise
High document volume and not enough resources
Staying HIPPA compliant while delivering medical records accurately
The time-consuming process of reviewing and identifying sensitive data manually
Ensuring the security of patient’s sensitive data
Lack of process internally leading to employee frustration
How we can help
Save time & reduce cost
Reduce liability and hefty fines
Create automated templates
Cloud Infrastructure Configuration
Team Management & Collaboration
Risk Assessment Reporting
How We Bring Value
Average Accuracy Rate
Delivering on a high accuracy rate to ensure you don’t miss a thing.
Time saving
Turning hours of internal document workflows to minutes instantly.
Cost Saving
Reducing costs associated with manual detection and redaction.
Labor Hours Gained Back
Giving your team peace of mind and their valuable time back to do more important tasks.

Our advanced AI technology allows for unstructured Healthcare Data to be easily detectable and easily redacted in seconds.

Allow your documents to be easily classified by both layout and content while protecting patient information from risk of fraud, identity theft and improper disclosure. Security is top of mind for us, we are proudly ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified to ensure our customers are fully protected.
Enhance your operations and streamline your health care document data process and allow our technology to perform repetitive workflows for you and your team. We encourage you to try it for yourself and start our 14-day risk free trial today.