Privacy Notices (or "we" hereinafter) values and protects every user's privacy. We abide by the applicable privacy laws and regulations to process personal information. We strictly collect and use the specified personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. In no circumstance will we transmit or sell user's personal information to any third parties, nor process personal information for other purposes without the user's consent.
How we deal with your data
The documents you uploaded are encrypted for transmission and storage. provides security protection based on the detection results
We DO NOT store data once you delete the documents.

Information and data collected by the website service are used for sales and marketing purposes, and the collected information is processed in accordance with the requirements of privacy regulations.

The collection items are as follows:

In the case of the use of website services/API, we collect, process, and use personal data for user-consent data, the following information will be collected without your intervention and stored until automated deletion:
  • Your computer’s IP address.
  • The browser and operating system of your computer as well as the name of your access provider.
The data we collect is processed by us for the following purposes:
  • Ensuring a smooth connection to the website.
  • Ensuring a great user experience of our website.
  • Evaluation of system security and stability.
  • For further administrative purposes.
And we use the data with your consent to conduct product sales analysis:
  • Name
  • Company
  • e-mail
  • Telephone
  • the number of licenses required
  • Other option information
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