Redaction Solution
for Attorneys
We understand that law firms are tasked with managing and storing large amounts of files containing client sensitive data.
By having this responsibility, attorneys are challenged to ask themselves :
How do we comply with legislative mandates to redact PII (personally identifiable information) without it consuming many hours of internal resources?
What would it mean to our law firm if our staff no longer had to manually redact documents?
What if I never had to worry about missed or improper redactions ever again?
For many law firms, the need for a redaction solution is critical to your business, but document volumes might not justify the purchase of a dedicated in-house solution.
The pricing model for service bureau redaction services can be intimidating and not as simple.
Even desktop redaction solutions can be costly and a risk especially if your business is operated globally and or on the cloud.
What if there was a solution that was cost effective, could be used short-term or long-term to ensure your client information is protected from identity theft and fraud?
Our self-service AI redaction technology allows attorneys to identify client sensitive information in seconds.
Sanitize your documents instantly
Safeguard your privacy and sensitive information
Protect your documents from prying eyes
Save time and money with resources
Remove painstaking manual redaction process
ISO 27001 & SOC 2 certified