Automated AI Redaction
For Real Estate agents who want to protect their homeowners’ sensitive data, redaction capabilities are necessary.

Redaction is the process of obfuscating information while maintaining the integrity of the remaining portions of the document or record it is contained in. Commonly, this is done by "blocking out" the content that has to be hidden, although alternative strategies could be more suitable, practical, or efficient, as will be detailed below.

Limiting the information included in papers or files that are to be published or otherwise revealed is often essential or smart. Uncontroversial information about a homeowner may be included in a document, but it may also include sensitive or proprietary information that shouldn't be revealed to the intended recipient or the public at large. Information disclosure may be prohibited by laws controlling official secrecy, legal privilege, or professional confidentiality generally or only to certain groups of people.’s REDACT solution makes the redaction of personally identifiable information, or PII, easy and intuitive.

Our Redaction Solution

Real estate organizations can benefit from’s REDACT Solution.

Real estate organizations have to abide by many strict privacy laws, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and California’s Online Privacy Protection Act. When compliance is key, a redaction solution with a full legal suite is necessary.’s REDACT solution is designed to help real estate agents that deal with legal documents. Our proprietary software offers AI-powered services such as contract reviews, automatic redaction, digital document comparison, and more.

RAt, we also understand that simplicity is key when building a tech stack for a real estate company– nobody wants to have to learn the ins and outs of extremely complicated software. REDACT is extremely user-friendly and simple, all while being capable of handling large data pools and a high volume of sensitive documents.

What are the benefits of using AI Redaction Software?
Automatically find and remove sensitive information from your documents.
Protect against potential
data breaches.
Safely and effectively remove all confidential information.
Save time and resources by automating the redaction process.
Faster and more reliable
than manual editing
Privacy and protection
How Does REDACT Work?

REDACT does more than simply redact information on an as-needed basis– it uses AI to ensure that documents are sanitized instantly before being sent or stored.

With REDACT, it's simple to find sensitive material in your papers and have REDACT redact it automatically—no need to do it by hand. The easiest approach to cleanse documents and safeguard your important information is using this tool.

As a real estate agent, REDACT also protects your confidentiality and sensitive information. It's the finest approach to protecting your private data without sacrificing the caliber of your work.

Your records may be safeguarded with REDACT from malicious intent both inside and outside of your real estate firm, if possible hackers or cybercriminals are your major worry. With digital documents, accidental disclosure used to be a prevalent issue, but not anymore. You can easily and quickly prevent the unintentional publication of important company information using Redact.

Your real estate organization deals with a lot of sensitive information and PII from homeowners. Your clients deserve to feel at ease when handing over sensitive documents to your agents.’s REDACT can add value and security to your business.

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