AI-Powered Redaction Software
As your team carries out time-intensive manual redaction processes, there’s a trade-off between security and efficiency. Redact offers the best of both worlds with thorough, automatic redactions.
Redact your documents with
Learn how to quickly redact your documents. This step-by-step redaction tutorial will show how quickly and easily you can redact vast amounts of sensitive data helping you meet compliance rules such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA. Redact's powerful AI technology will identify sensitive data in over 47 file formats including PDF files, Word Docs, Spreadsheets, and more.
Empowering Your Business with Intelligent Data Discovery:'s Vision for Success
Discover how our advanced technologies and innovative approach revolutionize the way you uncover, analyze, and protect your data. From streamlining data analysis to enhancing compliance and security,'s intelligent data discovery platform is designed to unlock hidden insights and drive your business growth.
HIPAA Compliance Made Simple: Explore Sensitive Data Discovery
Patient privacy and compliance are at the heart of healthcare. Introducing Sensitive Data Discovery, designed to meet HIPAA requirements, streamline studies, and elevate healthcare operations. From secure collaboration to efficient study management, this solution paves the way for data excellence. Visit to learn more.
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