Stop worrying
if the document has changed

Just know instantly!

Your business deserves the best

With our platform, you can compare any two versions of your document to ensure that the final is what you expect. This prevents embarrassing mistakes, and guarantees that your customers will get a better experience.

Track changes with ease
Spot any changes between drafts and the final version before you sign off on a document with Compare. Use our simple proofing tool to compare two versions of your doc in real-time, saving you time and money.
Confirm the final copy
Sometimes it's easy to overlook what you're agreeing to. With compare, you can spot any changes between the draft and final copy so you're not surprised by anything at the end of the project.
Know what changes have been made
With, you can see what changes have been made and make sure that it's still in line with your needs.
Now you can compare and get the best.
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