How to Adapt Automated Redaction For Your Business
Tuesday February 7th 2023

By Alisa Fetic

Redaction is the process of blacking out or removing confidential or sensitive information from documents. In the past, this was a manual affair that was often highly error-prone — but things are changing for the better.

Fast-forward to the modern era, and smart business leaders have made a huge switch: Automated redaction lets enterprises quickly and accurately remove sensitive information without the time-consuming ordeal of manual processes. 

Automated redaction is more efficient, cost-effective, and secure than manual alternatives. When it comes to regulatory compliance, there's no better way to protect confidential data, avoid serious financial losses, and sidestep irrecoverable reputation damage. Here's how to implement an automated redaction strategy that helps your business thrive.

Step One: Understand the tools you need

The first step is to determine the proper tools needed for redacting your documents — and select a dependable provider. 

Many different automated redaction software tools can accurately redact sensitive data from documents and files — but it's essential to choose something that fits the bill for your unique case. For example, you might need a vendor that satisfies HIPAA, GDPR, or other laws.

Step Two: Check in with stakeholders to set your goals

Gather your stakeholders to identify what information should be redacted. This includes determining both which documents need to be redacted and the types of data requiring removal or obfuscation.

Involving all stakeholders in the process raises your odds of identifying sensitive information accurately and performing a complete erasure. Solicit input from IT, legal, and compliance personnel, as well as any other departments responsible for handling confidential information.

Step Three: Choose your methodology

Next, you need to pick a redaction strategy. Automated redaction tools allow organizations to redact data in a variety of ways. This includes blacking out text, obscuring images, and scrubbing audio and video files.

Not all methods are equally appropriate for specific needs. When choosing, always consider these factors as a baseline:

  • The type of data that requires redaction, 
  • Who should be involved in the process to minimize potential exposure,
  • The format of the documents, and 
  • The level of security required to comply with applicable laws.

Step Four: Understand the redaction workflow

Next, you need to understand when to redact documents, such as when they're created, before they're shared, or prior to their archival. Organizations should also consider the frequency of redaction. For example, you may want to schedule regular redaction workflows as part of your routine security protocols.

Step Five: Implement the redaction process

Finally, put your automated redaction process into action. This usually includes setting up your software, training personnel on its proper use, and establishing protocols for identifying and redacting documents.

You should also set up systems to track and monitor your progress. This includes setting up alerts to notify personnel when documents require redaction as well as when the process is complete.

Get Started With Automated Redaction

Adopting automated redaction within your organization is a step in the right direction when it comes to business continuity and security. It keeps confidential information from being shared inappropriately and helps organizations meet their compliance goals cost-effectively.

Why does adopting an automated redaction strategy matter? Leaders that integrate automated redaction into their business processes make massive gains, including in terms of time and money spent. They also safeguard against errors by demystifying complex redaction workflows to ensure all data gets handled securely.

Want to know more? iDox.ai REDACT simplifies redaction with a focus on automation, accuracy, and compliance — leaving your business with more time for what's important. Chat with one of our experts to get started.

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