IDOX.AI EU AI Act Compliance Statement

REV. Date: Aug.31 ,2023

EU AI Act Compliance Statement

At, we are committed to ensuring compliance with the European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) in order to promote responsible and ethical practices in artificial intelligence. This compliance statement reflects our dedication to upholding the principles and requirements outlined in the EU AI Act.

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June 14, 2023 - The European Parliament has approved its negotiating position on the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act. The European Parliament amended the list of intrusive and discriminatory uses of AI systems., as a software company offering an artificial intelligence (AI) data privacy compliance solution, hereby declare our commitment to complying with The EU Artificial Intelligence Act (the "Act") in all aspects related to our AI product's development, deployment, and usage.

  • Transparency and AccountabilityWe prioritize transparency in AI system development and operation, ensuring clear communication about how our AI technologies are used and their potential impact on users.
  • High-Risk AI SystemsWe identify and assess AI systems falling under the category of high-risk as defined by the EU AI Act, implementing necessary safeguards and adhering to additional requirements.
  • Data GovernanceWe recognize the importance of data governance in AI systems and pledge to follow the data usage and management guidelines set out in the Act.
  • Human Oversight and User EmpowermentWe will provide transparent and clear information about the capabilities, limitations, and intended use of our AI product to users, as stipulated by the Act and ensure that users have the ability to intervene, challenge decisions, and exercise meaningful control over our AI product.
  • Explicit ConsentWhen necessary, we obtain explicit consent from users for deploying AI systems that may significantly impact their legal rights or obligations.
  • Risk AssessmentWe will implement appropriate risk management procedures and continuous
  • monitoring mechanisms to ensure the safety, accuracy, and reliability of our AI product, in accordance with the Act.
  • External Auditing and EvaluationWe acknowledge the significance of external audits and evaluations for high-risk AI systems, and we will cooperate with authorized third-party auditors for conducting audits of our high-risk AI systems as required by the EU AI Act.
  • Diversity and FairnessWe strive to ensure fairness, diversity, and non-discrimination of our AI systems, avoiding biased outcomes and negative societal impacts.
  • Notification of AuthoritiesIn case of incidents or malfunctions that could affect the safety or operation of our AI product, we will adhere to the reporting obligations outlined in the Act.
  • Continuous ComplianceWe recognize that compliance is an ongoing process and will continuously review, update, and enhance our AI product and practices to align with any changes in the Act's requirements.


We hereby declare our commitment to adhering to the principles and requirements outlined in the European Union's Artificial Intelligence Act. services are developed and operated with a focus on responsible AI practices and compliance with the EU AI Act.
This compliance statement and declaration are subject to updates and revisions as necessary to maintain alignment with EU AI Act.

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